Fred Penner “Kids' Show”

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The West End Cultural Centre presents
Fred Penner
“Kids' Show”

Matinee Performance

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Doors 12:15pm | Show 1:00pm

Tickets: $12 Advance | $17 Door
Available at the West End Cultural Centre, Ticketmaster, Music Trader and The Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store

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Fred Penner

 Fred Penner’s annual Kids’ Show and Grownups Sing-A-Long show continue to delight fans both new and old this December 14th, 2013 at the West End Cultural Centre.

Fred Penner is a household name, a true Winnipeg icon. He is the man behind songs that so many of us grew up with. He is an artist whose music stands the test of time as children who enjoyed him have children and even grandchildren! Fred Penner’s music remains in their homes for generations to enjoy.

Since Fred Penner's musical career and appeal spans generational divides, it's only natural that Fred performs two shows @ the WECC; An afternoon child-friendly concert at 1pm for his newest fans and a grown-up only evening sing-a-long for the big kids.


“When you begin a journey like this, you never know where it’s going to go” contemplates Fred Penner. “You do what you have to do because it’s a part of your soul, your being and your creativity. You work and people come along and say ‘You know what? You’re pretty good at that – why don’t you try this?’ and then a wheel starts turning and before you know it, it becomes a career that builds and grows and continues to carry you” continues Fred. “Just when you think that your career has sort of hit a pinnacle and that it’s time to retire and get out gracefully, the demand is almost as strong as it’s ever been because the spectrum is so broad.”

Fred Penner’s Grownup Sing-A-Long provides a chance to explore a broader range of music (including country, ballads) that normally wouldn’t be heard in his family show. This includes a number of songs that were important to him as he was growing up (original Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell for example). The grown-up show gives audiences a broader perspective of his ability and musical range. Along with the old classics you can expect a few new tunes performed as well. “New, old and everything in between!” exclaims Fred Penner.

Fred Penner website


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