Throwback Thursdays II featuring The Bonaduces & The Details


The West End Cultural Centre, in partnership with Torque Brewing Co., is thrilled to announce a new music series called Throwback Thursdays, which consists of the reuniting of past Winnipeg bands! The first show of the series takes place on Thursday, September 13th.

A few months ago, we ran a Facebook post asking which Winnipeg bands our followers would like to see reunite the most. Well, we listened! List upon list was made and endless calls and emails to track down past members of bands were sent.

On Thursday, September 13th we brought our first show of the series to our stage with Novillero. This time, we’re thrilled to welcome The Bonaduces and The Details back to The WECC.

For more info or to by tickets, click here.

Queer Songbook Orchestra - October 6th


The West End Cultural Centre in partnership with Pride Winnipeg is thrilled to present the Queer Songbook Orchestra on October 6th.

"Sensational... a superb pop ensemble" - NOW Magazine 

"9 out of 10... unleashing the unifying power of music" - Exclaim Magazine 

"The open and loving nature of this show became it's most impactful element" - The Queen's Journal

The Queer Songbook Orchestra are a Toronto based 12-piece chamber pop ensemble, dedicated to exploring and uplifting queer narrative in pop music.  With the queer lens intact they are looking through the last century of popular music and bringing forward obscured LGBTQ2S historical narratives, as well as the personal stories of members of the community and the songs connected to them. 

Website -
Twitter - @queersongbook
Instagram - @queersongbook

Click here to purchase tickets.


2018 Winnipeg Fringe Festival

The 2018 Winnipeg Fringe Festival kicks off this week, and we're thrilled to be hosting four shows in our venue this year. For more information about the Winnipeg Fringe Festival or to purchase tickets to these or any other shows, please go to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival website here.


Bad Habits
[A Little Bit Off]

From the 20-time award-winning company that brought you Beau & Aero and Bella Culpa (Edmonton Fringe Best of Fest 2015, 2016) - a show about two sisters of faith struggling to find the light...and stay in it. An absurd comedic look at the lives and habits of Sisters Florence and Margarine and the temptations they face.

SINsational! NUNsensical! POPEular! Mind ALTARing! The Holy Grail of Comedy! We pray you'll join us.

4 1/2 STARS - Fourth Wall Media
4 1/2 STARS - Saskatoon StarPhoenix
4 STARS - Edmonton Journal
4 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press

Caws & Effect
[Mind of a Snail Puppet Co.]

Large-scale shadow theatre from a bird's-eye view. Crows are re-dreaming the world. Is the future all it's cracked up to be? This modern fable is told using handmade layered projections, puppetry, masks and an original musical score. Mind of a Snail's large-scale shadow puppetry is quirky, colourful and beautiful, like early animation performed live before your eyes. The critics are RAVEN!

5 STARS “a gorgeous and wondrous work of art” - CBC
5 STARS “a fantastical, unique experience” - Torontoist
5 STARS “stunning and hilarious” - VUE Weekly

See No Evil
[Looking Glass Productions]

Montreal, 1966: After enjoying an evening celebrating their first anniversary with friends, psychiatrist Russell Partridge informs his wife, Mary, that within 48 hours, he plans to murder her as he's murdered seven times before. Or does he? Is Russell a serial killer or is it all in Mary's mind? Marc A. Moir (Padre X, The Hunting Party) brings this radio adaptation of his stage play See No Evil to the Fringe. Full of charm and chills in equal measure, See No Evil is a must see.


Sound & Fury's Cyranose
[Sound & Fury]

Fringe favourites S&F bring back their Fringe award-winning hit show: the classic tale of Cyranose de Bivouac's perfectly normal love for his cousin Roxanne. 5 STARS "This musical parody is a vaudevillian treat performed at lightning pace and with rapier-like wit. Cyranose is a deliciously silly play, a song-and-dance treat, and a Fringe highlight." - Fest Magazine (Edinburgh)

5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press
5 STARS - Edinburgh Evening News
5 STARS - Hairline (UK)
4 STARS - The Scotsman, ThreeWeeks, One4Review

Musical Notes & Lunch Totes


The West End Cultural Centre's annual free, summer lunchtime concert series will once again take place every Thursday between July 12 and September 6th, from 12-1pm, at Siagon Park. We encourage everyone to bring their lunch and a friend to enjoy the music.

July 12 - Leaf Rapids
July 19 - Spruce & The Meadowlark
July 26 - Chenoa McKelvey
August 2 - Nic Dyson
August 9 - Haitia
August 16 - A La Mode
August 23 - Abigail Lapell
August 30 - Double The Trouble
September 6 - Hay Fever

For more information, please contact Jessee at 204-783-6918 or

Musical Notes & Lunch Totes and the West End Cultural Centre are grateful for the support of the West End Biz.


2018 Winnipeg Jazz Festival


We're pleased to be hosting four events for the 2018 Jazz Winnipeg Festival here at the West End Cultural Centre. 

June 17 - Marquis Hill Blacktet w/ Karly Epp & Karl Kohut
June 19 - Lido Pimenta w/ Marisolle Negash
June 23 - Manitoba High School Honour Jazz Bands
June 24 - GoGo Penguin w/ Guillaume Perret

For tickets to these shows or any of their other shows, contact the festival at 204.989-4656.

2018 Ellice Street Festival - June 8th & 9th

The 2018 Ellice Street Festival takes place Friday & Saturday, June 8th & 9th.


Friday night starts at 8pm includes a performance by JD & The Sunshine Band along with Drag Queen Bingo hosted by Sunshine House.

Saturday's outdoor activities run noon-4pm and include performances by Shanley Spence, Madame Diva, Trampoline, The Deeds, and Silence Kit. There will be vendors and community groups with tables set up and kids activities throughout the afternoon.


For more information, please contact Jessee at 204-783-6918 or


WECC Nominated For 3 WMCA Awards


The West End Cultural Centre is thrilled to be nominated for three awards Western Canadian Music Awards at the 2018 Breakout West Conference.

Below is a list of nominated artists an industry members we've worked with in the past.

Attica Riots - Breakout Artist of the Year
Attica Riots - Recording of the Year
Close Talker - Rock Artist of the Year
Fred Penner - Children's Artist of the Year
Ghost Twin - Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year
Interstellar Rodeo - Impact in Live Music
Jeff Presslaff & Julian Bradford - Jazz Artist of the Year
Jereme & The Delicious Hounds - Francophone Artist of the Year
JustTV - Community Excellence Award
Kacy & Clayton - Recording of the Year
Kacy & Clayton - Rock/Duo Group of the Year
Kacy & Clayton - Songwriter of the Year
Keri Latimer - Visual Media Composer of the Year
Kelly Bado - World Artist of the Year
Lanikai - Pop Artist of the Year
Little Miss Higgins - Roots Solo Artist of the Year
Matt Patershuk - Roots Solo Artist of the Year
Michael Kaeshammer - Jazz Artist of the Year
Olivia Lunny - Pop Artist of the Year
Pipe & Hat - Impact in Marketing
Roberta Landreth - Excellence in Visual Design
Shred Kelly - Breakout Artist of the Year
Slow Leaves - Roots Solo Artist of the Year
The Deep DarkWoods - Rock/Duo Group of the Year
The Fugitives - Songwriter of the Year
The Jerry Cans - Breakout Artist of the Year
The Jerry Cans - Rock/Duo Group of the Year
The Jerry Cans - Songwriter of the Year
Winnipeg Folk Festival - Community Excellence Award
Winnipeg Folk Festival - Impact in Live Music
Yes We Mystic - Songwriter of the Year

The 2018 Western Canadian Music Awards take place during the Breakout West Conference in Kelowna, BC, Octobe 10-14, 2018. For more information, please see their website at

Passing Time on the Trans-Canada Highway - An Interview with The Fugitives

While their cruising down the Trans-Canada Highway, we fired off some questions to The Fugitives to help them pass the time.


1.      Can you tell us what the original line up was and how it compares to now? How do you feel that your music has evolved with the changes?

I guess the music has evolved by adding more music. At first The Fugitives was more of a spoken word based group. But the original idea behind the band was to have four different artists who all did their own thing come together on stage with one coherent sound, and I think that spirit is still alive with this incarnation of the band. I have a solo career as a theatre artist and writer, and Adrian is a solo musician and actor, and both Carly and Rob have flourishing music careers away from the band, so we try to highlight everybody at some point during the show, so the audience gets a mix of storytelling, fiddle tunes, old school banjo, contemporary roots, etc. 

2.      Can you explain the concept behind The Promise Of Strangers and why you chose to dedicate each song?

The concept is that every song is dedicated to a person in our lives, many of whom we've never met but who still had a profound effect on us (Leonard Cohen, for instance). It kind of came about organically. We weren't sitting out in a woodshed philosophizing and being like, "What would be an amazing concept album?" We just started writing songs about specific people in our lives, and realized after we put our favourite 6 songs together that they all this theme going on. So we just ran with it. I wish we were more organized than we are. I'll have to put that in my calendar. As soon as I get a calendar. 

3.      Do you have any stories from your current tour you’d like to share?

180505 The Fugitives.jpg

Carly (our violinist) broke her foot! Actually, it was broken the whole tour and she kept saying how sore her foot was, and then on our day off in Canmore she's like, "Can I borrow the van?" and drove herself to the doctor and came back an hour later with a cast! We are all very impressed in retrospect with her pain tolerance. Because she's one of those stomping violin players. And she was stomping for numerous shows on her fractured foot. So come to our show and sign her air cast and pay respects to her might! 

4.      Pancakes or waffles?

Neither? I'm not huge into breakfast food that isn't yogurt and granola. Which will not go over well in Winnipeg, I realize, so I'll change my answer to both!

5.      Can you tell me about past experiences at the West End Cultural Centre (if you feel there are stories you’d like to tell) 

We love the WECC! We've played there a number of times, but our best memory is probably opening there for Buffy Sainte Marie in 2014. We were lucky enough to do a whole Western Canada tour with her, and learned alot. She was as amazing as you'd think she'd be. Anyways, the WECC is one of our favourite venues in the country, and I'm not just saying that because I'm answering questions for you. 

6.      If you couldn’t be musicians, what would you want to be? (Where do your interests lie?)

As a kid I wanted to be an NBA player. Well, who am I kidding, that's still true. But now I'd have to retire from the NBA, if I played there. So I'd still have to get another job. But I've always wanted to be a writer, and that's what I do outside of the band, so I'm very happy with that. Even though it pays substantially less than an NBA player. But then again what doesn't? 


The Fugitives play the West End Cultural Centre on May 5th @ 8pm. Tickets are $20.00 ($25 @ the door). Click here to order your tickets online or call our box office at 204-783-6918 to order your tickets over the phone.

Interview with Declan O'Donovan

We took the time to interview Declan O'Donovan about life in the Yukon, his newest album Broken Sky and his favourite kind of pie. 

WECC: What has your year looked like since the release of your record?

D.O. – It was a very busy year, leading up to the release itself was kind of non-stop. The goal was to get out onto the road and share the music with as many people as we could find. It was fantastic and we travelled all over the globe. We spent some time in Germany and all across Canada. One of the wildest things was a trip to Japan. We toured around and played a festival there. In regards to sharing it with as many people as possible, it was a big success. Most of it particularly was with a full band. It was cool to  bring both the sound and size of the record to the live show. We met a lot of people that turned into some great opportunities. Following the fall tour, I took some time off to catch my breath and lived in the woods in the Yukon and will get back to touring in the spring. 

WECC: What is a typical day off for you look like?

D.O. – Well, as I mentioned, I came up to the Yukon following the tour and I hadn’t done this in years, but I spent more or less a full winter up in the Yukon, which is a weird idea. I guess my typical day off is a lot of sitting in the woods and playing music. I have a massive family actually as well. Many of them are up here. I spent a lot of this winter working on renovations for my dear, sweet mother. My brother is the carpenter, engineer and mastermind, and I’m just his helper monkey.

WECC: What are 5 of your favourite records?

D.O. -
Father John Misty – Pure Comedy
Randy Newman – Sail Away
Tom Waits – Rain Dogs
Bob Dylan – Time Out Of Mind
Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense

WECC: What is the favourite concert you’ve ever attended?

D.O. – Well, there’s two of them, I’m going to say Prince, although I hesitate to play the favourites game. The other one is Nick Cave. Prince did all of the things. He was the greatest guitar player I’ve ever seen and probably ever will see live. He’s entirely underrated, although he’s highly rated as a guitar player. It was a small venue for him, only about 2500 people. He danced like a crazy man, he was like 54 years old and was still dropping into the splits in the middle of a guitar solo and he played piano. His all girl band was phenomenal. He just knew how to grab the audience. He knew what buttons to push and everyone lost their minds. It was the best. It was also about a year before he passed away. 

WECC: What can people expect when they come out to your show?

D.O. – We’re going to bring a duo show. After we made the record and before I started touring it, I found a brilliant guitar player named Tom Auhas, who is just a renaissance man on the guitar and can create these incredible soundscapes.

WECC: Is there anything you’d like people to know about?

D.O. – Before I come out, I’m going to be releasing a couple more singles. They’re songs from the same sessions as Broken Sky that didn’t make it onto the record. Not because they weren’t any good but because they lived in a whole different world. I’m pretty excited about that. Those will come out at the beginning of May.

WECC: What’s your favourite kind of pie?

D.O. – My favourite kind of pie? (laughs) I had a really good shepherds pie yesterday.

WECC – That’s weird when people are thinking about fruit pie to go with shepherds pie.

D.O. – I know. I was trying to be unique. What did Leif Vollebekk say? If he said meat pie, I’m hanging up! (laughs)



Declan is playing on Thursday, May 31st with Leaf Rapids at the West End Cultural Centre.
Tickets are $15 in advance and are available at Into The Music (Osborne & Exchange locations),
West End Cultural Centre & by clicking HERE to go to


Spring Break at the West End Cultural Centre

Spring Break Insta (1).jpg

We've got a busy week of activities for all the kids out of school for spring break.

Monday, March 26 [2-3pm] - Tap Dance Workshop [Ages 5-12, tap shoes provided]

Tuesday, March 27 [10:30am-11:30am] - Seanster & The Monsters Concert

Wednesday & Thursday, March 28 & 29 [10am-3:30pm] - Improv Theatre Intensive Workshop [Ages 12-18]

For more information or to register, please contact Jessee at 204-783-6918 or

***SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT*** Honky Tonk Blues

180325 Honky Tonk Blues.jpg


Little Miss Higgins
Quinton Blair
Jaxon Haldane
Jess Reimer
with the  Honky Tonk House Band

Hey good lookin’. On March 25th some of Winnipeg’s best musicians come together to ride the honky tonk train by paying homage to the best of old time country artists and honky tonk heroes.  These artists won’t go cheatin’ your heart or walking the floors over you. Expect an evening of collaboration, heartaches by the number, kisses sweeter than wine and a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on. Before the show ends and you decide that you’re  movin’ on and go out walkin’ after midnight.

If you’ve got the money, we’ve got the time, so don’t go crying us a whiskey river or even letting us see the tear in your beer if you miss out on this incredible evening. Tickets are only $20, available at Into The Music (Osborne & Exchange), West End & Ticketfly. Hurry up and get em’ before they’re all gone and snag yourself a tiger by the tail.

Artist Web Links: