Interview with Declan O'Donovan

We took the time to interview Declan O'Donovan about life in the Yukon, his newest album Broken Sky and his favourite kind of pie. 

WECC: What has your year looked like since the release of your record?

D.O. – It was a very busy year, leading up to the release itself was kind of non-stop. The goal was to get out onto the road and share the music with as many people as we could find. It was fantastic and we travelled all over the globe. We spent some time in Germany and all across Canada. One of the wildest things was a trip to Japan. We toured around and played a festival there. In regards to sharing it with as many people as possible, it was a big success. Most of it particularly was with a full band. It was cool to  bring both the sound and size of the record to the live show. We met a lot of people that turned into some great opportunities. Following the fall tour, I took some time off to catch my breath and lived in the woods in the Yukon and will get back to touring in the spring. 

WECC: What is a typical day off for you look like?

D.O. – Well, as I mentioned, I came up to the Yukon following the tour and I hadn’t done this in years, but I spent more or less a full winter up in the Yukon, which is a weird idea. I guess my typical day off is a lot of sitting in the woods and playing music. I have a massive family actually as well. Many of them are up here. I spent a lot of this winter working on renovations for my dear, sweet mother. My brother is the carpenter, engineer and mastermind, and I’m just his helper monkey.

WECC: What are 5 of your favourite records?

D.O. -
Father John Misty – Pure Comedy
Randy Newman – Sail Away
Tom Waits – Rain Dogs
Bob Dylan – Time Out Of Mind
Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense

WECC: What is the favourite concert you’ve ever attended?

D.O. – Well, there’s two of them, I’m going to say Prince, although I hesitate to play the favourites game. The other one is Nick Cave. Prince did all of the things. He was the greatest guitar player I’ve ever seen and probably ever will see live. He’s entirely underrated, although he’s highly rated as a guitar player. It was a small venue for him, only about 2500 people. He danced like a crazy man, he was like 54 years old and was still dropping into the splits in the middle of a guitar solo and he played piano. His all girl band was phenomenal. He just knew how to grab the audience. He knew what buttons to push and everyone lost their minds. It was the best. It was also about a year before he passed away. 

WECC: What can people expect when they come out to your show?

D.O. – We’re going to bring a duo show. After we made the record and before I started touring it, I found a brilliant guitar player named Tom Auhas, who is just a renaissance man on the guitar and can create these incredible soundscapes.

WECC: Is there anything you’d like people to know about?

D.O. – Before I come out, I’m going to be releasing a couple more singles. They’re songs from the same sessions as Broken Sky that didn’t make it onto the record. Not because they weren’t any good but because they lived in a whole different world. I’m pretty excited about that. Those will come out at the beginning of May.

WECC: What’s your favourite kind of pie?

D.O. – My favourite kind of pie? (laughs) I had a really good shepherds pie yesterday.

WECC – That’s weird when people are thinking about fruit pie to go with shepherds pie.

D.O. – I know. I was trying to be unique. What did Leif Vollebekk say? If he said meat pie, I’m hanging up! (laughs)



Declan is playing on Thursday, May 31st with Leaf Rapids at the West End Cultural Centre.
Tickets are $15 in advance and are available at Into The Music (Osborne & Exchange locations),
West End Cultural Centre & by clicking HERE to go to