Passing Time on the Trans-Canada Highway - An Interview with The Fugitives

While their cruising down the Trans-Canada Highway, we fired off some questions to The Fugitives to help them pass the time.


1.      Can you tell us what the original line up was and how it compares to now? How do you feel that your music has evolved with the changes?

I guess the music has evolved by adding more music. At first The Fugitives was more of a spoken word based group. But the original idea behind the band was to have four different artists who all did their own thing come together on stage with one coherent sound, and I think that spirit is still alive with this incarnation of the band. I have a solo career as a theatre artist and writer, and Adrian is a solo musician and actor, and both Carly and Rob have flourishing music careers away from the band, so we try to highlight everybody at some point during the show, so the audience gets a mix of storytelling, fiddle tunes, old school banjo, contemporary roots, etc. 

2.      Can you explain the concept behind The Promise Of Strangers and why you chose to dedicate each song?

The concept is that every song is dedicated to a person in our lives, many of whom we've never met but who still had a profound effect on us (Leonard Cohen, for instance). It kind of came about organically. We weren't sitting out in a woodshed philosophizing and being like, "What would be an amazing concept album?" We just started writing songs about specific people in our lives, and realized after we put our favourite 6 songs together that they all this theme going on. So we just ran with it. I wish we were more organized than we are. I'll have to put that in my calendar. As soon as I get a calendar. 

3.      Do you have any stories from your current tour you’d like to share?

180505 The Fugitives.jpg

Carly (our violinist) broke her foot! Actually, it was broken the whole tour and she kept saying how sore her foot was, and then on our day off in Canmore she's like, "Can I borrow the van?" and drove herself to the doctor and came back an hour later with a cast! We are all very impressed in retrospect with her pain tolerance. Because she's one of those stomping violin players. And she was stomping for numerous shows on her fractured foot. So come to our show and sign her air cast and pay respects to her might! 

4.      Pancakes or waffles?

Neither? I'm not huge into breakfast food that isn't yogurt and granola. Which will not go over well in Winnipeg, I realize, so I'll change my answer to both!

5.      Can you tell me about past experiences at the West End Cultural Centre (if you feel there are stories you’d like to tell) 

We love the WECC! We've played there a number of times, but our best memory is probably opening there for Buffy Sainte Marie in 2014. We were lucky enough to do a whole Western Canada tour with her, and learned alot. She was as amazing as you'd think she'd be. Anyways, the WECC is one of our favourite venues in the country, and I'm not just saying that because I'm answering questions for you. 

6.      If you couldn’t be musicians, what would you want to be? (Where do your interests lie?)

As a kid I wanted to be an NBA player. Well, who am I kidding, that's still true. But now I'd have to retire from the NBA, if I played there. So I'd still have to get another job. But I've always wanted to be a writer, and that's what I do outside of the band, so I'm very happy with that. Even though it pays substantially less than an NBA player. But then again what doesn't? 


The Fugitives play the West End Cultural Centre on May 5th @ 8pm. Tickets are $20.00 ($25 @ the door). Click here to order your tickets online or call our box office at 204-783-6918 to order your tickets over the phone.