Front of House:

  • Digidesign Venue Profile - mains are L-R + M, subs off Aux by default, D-Show software Monitors:

  • Digidesign SC48 - 16 mixes at console (8 mixes of passive FM1202 300w wedges, plus 1 x EV SbA760 powered drum sub), D-Show software, SC48 can be controlled via VNC on PC from FOH. Audio Snake: - 48 channel 3 way split (FOH(direct)/MON(iso)/option(iso)) +48v is done from FOH - Digi stage rack (FOH preamp/AD/DA converter rack on stage) gets direct split from stage splitter - FOH stage preamp/A-D rack is 48ch input 16ch. output (analog) 8ch AES-EBU output (used for PA) - digital snake between FOH and stage P.A. System:

  • 4 x EAW Kf650e, 4 x EV XSubs plus a 2 box passive 2-way centre cluster. 31-band EQs are onboard FOH console

House Mics:

  • 8 x sm58, 8 x sm57, 4 x e904, 2 x Oktava MC-012, 3 x SM81, 1 x Beta52, 1 x D112, 1 x e902, 4 x N/D468, 3 x pro35, 2 x km184

House Mic Stands:

  • 12 x tall booms, 12 x short booms, 1 x black round base tall, 1 x black round base short

House DI boxes:

  • 3 x Radial JDI, 3 x Radial JD48, 6 x Klark Teknik DN100

Lighting :

  • 48k lighting on 24 x 2k ETC sensorlite dimmer, ETC express 4896 lighting console

  • House technicians are by default 1 x sound technician as per rental contract. They will create a show and preshow lighting scene. Any additional lighting requires hiring an additional WECC lighting technician

WECC Contact:
Andrew Toffen - Technical Director,