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Silent Witness Project Memorial

This event is presented by The Family Violence Consortium of Manitoba.

The Silent Witness Project welcomes all members of the public to honour and remember the Manitoban women who have died by the hands of their partners. During the Memorial, speakers will address the issue of domestic violence and the families in attendance may speak about their family member.

The Silent Witness initiative consists of a travelling exhibit of life-sized wooden silhouettes; each red figure represents a Manitoban woman who has been murdered by her intimate partner. In each case, the woman’s partner has been convicted of the murder or both have died in a murder/suicide. Because these women no longer have a voice, the silhouettes are called the Silent Witnesses.

This powerful memorial is funded by the National Victims of Crime Awareness Week. Domestic violence is a major social concern in our society and the mission of the Silent Witness Project envelops ideas of remembrance, awareness, and action against this violence.