Volunteers catch a selfie with Faouzia after her show on March 22, 2019.

Volunteers catch a selfie with Faouzia after her show on March 22, 2019.

Volunteers are an essential part of the West End Cultural Centre. We couldn't get by without our 200+ volunteers who contribute more than 8,000 hours annually. If you're interested in joining our volunteer team, please contact Matt at volunteer@wecc.ca.

 What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • Musical performances at the WECC range from folk to punk rock. Volunteering is a great way to enjoy some of this live music and meet new people in exchange for a few hours of time and a few drops of sweat. In addition to free shows and getting to meet people with similar musical taste, volunteering at the WECC is like any volunteer position – it can help you develop skills you can take to other volunteer or paid positions in the future.

What jobs do the volunteers do?

  • Our volunteers set up for shows, run the concession, bartend, usher, provide security, sell tickets and merchandise and do post-show cleanup. Our volunteer board of 12 also chips in to these tasks as well as overseeing the financial accountability of the centre, setting policy, participating on working sub-committees, and doing fundraising and community outreach.

How do I know which shows I will work on?

  • The WECC has a ‘crew’ system. We have 6 crews to cover all our shows, each one headed by a crew chief. You will be placed on a crew based on the style of music you enjoy and your crew chief selects the shows your crew will work.

Who plays at the WECC?

  • Check out our list of Past Performers for a list of artists who have played at the WECC. It’s a very long list.

Is there an age requirement?

  • Yes, our volunteers must be at least 16.

What skills do I need to volunteer?

  • None. We need commitment, reliability, energy and enthusiasm. The rest we can teach.

What is the time commitment for volunteers?

  • We ask for a minimum of one show per month.

How do I sign up to be a volunteer?

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